Aikido teaches boys and girls how to use their minds and bodies in new and healthy ways as they train with each other and help one another in a spirit of cooperation.  Kids learn how to practice a martial art without exhibiting violent or aggressive behavior.  Unlike other martial arts, there is no kicking or punching with the intent to harm one another. Aikido’s circular, flowing techniques teach children balanced body movement, spatial awareness and focus. During all classes - kids and adults - parents and children are in full view of each other in a comfortable, open setting.   

  •  Non-competitive martial art encouraging cooperation among students
  •   Fun, practical and effective
  •   Teaches children balanced body movements 
  •   Enhances concentration and focus
  •   Increases self-confidence and self-esteem 
  •   Improves physical conditioning and coordination      
  •   Children receive individualized attention and train in full-view of parents
  •   A martial art that can be practiced by the whole family
  •   Spacious, family-friendly facility conveniently located
  •   Family and student discounts available
  •   No contracts to sign
What we teach children is not brute force, not violence, but the cultivation of ki through mind-body training which will eventually build confidence, self-esteem and a sense of control over their lives.
— Kisshomaru Ueshiba (founder’s son)